Darling Rise — A vision for the estate

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January 30, 2017

Darling Rise — A vision for the estate

BBS Property is pleased to announce that it has launched a new logo for its flagship Darling Rise Estate in Landsdale. After running an innovative eight-week “Name Your Estate” competition, BBS sifted through more than 280 entries to come up with what we believe is the perfect name for the exclusive 31-lot subdivision.

The name captures the essence of the estate, as well as the fact that the site has uninterrupted views of the Darling Ranges. The elevation of the blocks — and the exclusivity of this boutique 31-lot subdivision — is also encapsulated in this great name.

After the “Name Your Estate” competition was decided, BBS Property worked with BlueFrontier Studios to come up with the perfect logo to complement this great name. We’re extremely happy with the result.

Andrew Spencer, director of BBS Property, said that naming an estate was incredibly important as it sets a standard and tone for the people who make it their home.

“When the entries came in, we were delighted with how creative people got with the whole idea. But in the end it was Darling Rise that just hit the spot. There was some discussion on the panel but, at the end of the process, Darling Rise was in everyone’s ‘best of’ list,” he said.

Spencer added that coming up with a great logo was crucial for a new estate.

“We think this grasstree insignia is just perfect — we’re really happy with what it represents and the way it turned out,” Spencer said.

Nathan Lynch, managing director of BlueFrontier, said a lot of thought and ink and paper had gone into getting the logo just right.

“The logo brings together a few different ideas — but hopefully in a way that isn’t cluttered or over-complicated. The main thing with a logo is that it has to be spontaneous. If it doesn’t hit you straight away then it hasn’t done its job,” Lynch said.

“With this logo we wanted to give centre stage to two things: the people who will make up this community, and the views and native flora of the area. The grasstree insignia tries to capture a feeling of celebration and excitement, of people coming together and living in this very special landscape,” Lynch said.

“It should also hint at families growing together — and the grasstree hopefully makes people think subconsciously of fireworks, of new beginnings and celebration. If it achieves half of that we’ll be happy!”



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